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To record a wave file of your voice
  1. Make sure you have your microphone connected to your computer.
  2. Dbl-Clk on the Speaker icon on your taskbar to open Volume Control Panel and go to Options...Properties and make sure Microphone is checked in the box.
  3. On Volume Control Panel, make sure Microphone volume is high least half-way.
  4. Open Sound Recorder. For Win95...go to Start...Programs...Accessories....Multimedia....Sound Recorder
    Before you record a wave file, specify the default sound quality . On the EDIT menu of Sound Recorder....choose Audio Properties...choose Telephone Quality for preferred quality under Recording...Clk on Customize and choose either PCM 8,000 MHZ 8 bit MONO or PCM 11,025 MHZ 8bit MONO
    Telephone Quality works fine if you speak clearly into the microphone from a proper distance...Experiment for best distance.
  6. On the File menu, click New.
  7. To begin recording, click the button with the red circle and then speak.
  8. To stop recording, click the button with the black square.
  9. Playback what you just recorded to see if you like it. If not, then choose File...New again and choose not to save changes to the file you just made. When you have a recording you like, go to next step
  10. On the File menu, click Save As and name your file the same as your VP Nickname....(example : ingrid.wav )
Please, please, please keep your file size at 50K or below so we can post as many as possible on this page. You should be able to do this by following the ***IMPORTANT*** tips above.

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